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HW-K650 Soundbar randomly stops playing sound

My soundbar randomly stops producing sound, although the TV says it's connected.  This just happens, seemingly without me doing anything (watch tv last night with no problem, get up next morning, no sound when I turn it on).  To get it working again involves plugging/unplugging, turning off and on, etc. until it somehow starts working again.


The TV is wall-mounted, with various devices, including the soundbar, connected by HDMI to a multi-port brick (not sure what it's called).  The multi-port is connected to the TV with a One Connect cable.  There is an ARC HDMI port on the brick, but I'm using one that isn't (not sure how the One Connect works with that, can't access the back of the TV to see what port it's plugged into).  In trying to get it working again, I've tried the ARC port and both D.IN and HDMI settings on the soundbar.  I'm open to the possibility that I've set it up incorrectly, but that wouldn't explain why it usually works fine.


Anyone have an idea why it stops playing and how to best set up to keep it from happening?




Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: HW-K650 Soundbar randomly stops playing sound

We are sorry to hear about this. Do you have the same issue if you connect the soundbar directly to the television?

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