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Help with 2008 Samsung TV continually switching HDMI ports for no reason...

(Topic created on: 1/15/21 10:29 AM)
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We'll be watching TV, then WHAM... gray screen cause it suddenly just changed HDMI ports...


Ready to buy another Tv... this TV has been Great but this problem has grown worse over the years... this could happen up  30 times a day... sometimes 3 times in 5 minutes even.     We went in and turned the AnyNet + CEC thing off but that didn't help either.. we've taken the batteries out of the controller to get this to stop.. that didnt' help ..


ANyone else have this problem ?? and how to fix it ??   SOrry if in the wrong area here.. this is my 1st post I couldnt' find the forum with topics.. so was confused where to put this.. thank you 

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