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Hook up Wireless FM Headphones

I just updated to a new Samsung 43” UHD TV Series 7 Model: UN43RU7100FXA . My previous 40" Samsung started having blackouts [5yrs old] quite frequently.

My issue is a Sony - MDRRF985RK Wireless FM Headphone. I had connected to the older Samsung had a small 1/8 th inch plug on a Audio cable to a base with a red and white RCA set of plugs. Then the base h power jacked into a outlet. Now with the UN43RU7100FXA it has no place to plug the 1/8 th inch jack into for audio from the TV. There are 2 RCA female jacks [red-white] in the back, but do not work with a audio cable that has duel red-white jacks, gives nothing but clicks when swithing it's  channel switch. One work around would be to plug the duel jacketed cable into the cable box to get audio.