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How do I remove the Airplay device "Samsung Q80 Series" from my iPhone?

I while ago I were at my parents house to set up a "Samsung Q80 Series" using the my iPhone to set up their TV. Now I am back on my own Wifi with no Samsung television and I want to remove the device in my "Duplicate screen".


I have a strange problem on only this iPhones (among many Apple devices). I am in Control Panel->Duplicate screen seeing an unknown device "Samsung Q80 Series" and my own Apple TV. Neither of my neighbours have such a Samsung TV and neither do I.


When I am disabling Bluetooth the unknown device is still there but if I disconnect my wifi it disappears . Also if I connect to other Wifi the unknown device is not there.

I checked my Wifi Router and the device is not logged on my wifi.


I tried to reset network settings on my iPhone and of course restartet the iPhone without any result.


I hope anyone have some good solutions other than doing a full restore of the iPhone.


Thanks in advance



Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: How do I remove the Airplay device "Samsung Q80 Series" from my iPhone?

This is a bit more of a question for Apple. If you installed the Samsung Smart Things app to control the television, I would recommend uninstalling it.