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How do you get Samsung to be responsive to new TV issues in Warranty?

We have a TV and a vertical line appeared on the screen right before the 90 day mark.  We could have returned to COSTCO and been within the 90 day mark, but due to the pandemic called Samsung support.  We went through tech support in April.  They said they would send someone out to repair.  Waited a week.  Called.  Nobody in our area for repair.  They will get back to me.  Wait a week.  Call them again.  After several calls, they finally determine on May 15 to give a refund.  The paperwork said someone will pick up the TV and to expect refund 7-14 days after that time.  That was May 15.  This is June 7.  My question and what I need help with is who else has had similar poor customer service?  how did you eventually resolve?