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How to permanently disable captions on USB files

(Topic created: 03-31-2023 02:57 PM)
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We have files on a USB stick that we're watching which display captions.  Even through the Settings selection, Captions is already turned off so that isn't it.  I did discover that, while watching a USB file, if you click the center button on the remote it opens a menu at the bottom, and on the far right is "options".  The first selection there is Captions, and it's there that you can finally turn off Captions.

However, if you select a different file, or turn off the TV and turn back on again, captions are back on!  Very annoying.  Is there a permanent way to disable this?

This is model AU8000.




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HD and UHD TVs
Set the captions to the user option of only when muted. That will buy you all the time you need to Network an appropriate answer.