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In the market for a new Smart TV

(Topic created: 09-23-2021 03:58 AM)
HD and UHD TVs
Samsung is definitely my first choice. Do any of you have a favorite that doesn't cost thousands and comes with like every known streaming service built in? I found a low to mid-range one at Target: 55" Samsung TU7000 and the clarity was so unbelievably crisp I couldn't believe it! I'm trying to stay around $1000 or maybe $1200 max, but don't want something that's going to end up breaking down. I've had the same LED TV by LG for over 10 years and it's now starting to show signs of aging. Any suggestions? Thank you? 
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HD and UHD TVs

I would not recommend Samsung Smart TV's due to rampant software issues and total lack of support. We liked our Series 6 Smart TV at first and bought one for my father and mother-in-law but now all 3 are worthless after less than 3 years due to unrelenting software problems and errors. Samsung support just tells you to reboot.