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Just acquired a used Smart TV and Need To Reset

I just acquired a Smart TV UN40ES6100F and can't use the smart features. This is for the bedroom. It had no stand so I bought one and set it up last night. I'm realizing that it has settings leftover from the previous owner but more than that, I can't get it to discover my Wi-Fi so I can't update anything. Two questions: 1) The information I found says a reset will reset everything except the network - why is that and isn't that necessary when trying to start from scratch? 2) I will need to update the software for the tv and the network ( I see a lot of posts of people having issues with the wifi) and can absolutely use a usb but where do I find the correct updates for this tv?  Thanks for any help you can provide.  I have a much newer 60 inch TCL in the living room and have never had issues with it so I'm a bit lost here. Thanks!