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KS8000 Remote Control for Soundbar

Hi - 


I'm hoping someone's run into a similar problem as me...I can't find help out there with this exact combo but am thinking it may be a common issue.


I've got a KS8000 and am running sound to a Definitive Technology WStudio Soundbar via optical (no ARC capability unfortunately).


When setting up the Samsung TV remote via the "Universal Remote" interface, I'm able to successfully find my speaker and turn it on/off. Once completed, the volume control works perfectly fine but the remote will not send a power signal to the speaker. So when I go to start the TV again, it isn't turning the speaker on and the only way for me to get it going again is to go back through the remote set up process.


I'd love to figure out if this is a setting issue so that I could fix and carry on with a single remote or if I need to go back to my Harmony. Smiley Sad


Thanks in advance for any thoughts/help!