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Keeping kids from installing apps!?

(Topic created on: 11/8/20 8:10 PM)
HD and UHD TVs

Hi! We just bought a TU7000. I want to make our TV as safe as possible for ours kids. I made a pin, locked all the downloaded apps, and put parental controls on ratings. However, I want to be able to to lock installing apps. The reason is, I went and installed some apps and could easily play things on there. I don't want my young children to be able to install whatever apps they want, and potentially watch things in that app that aren't appropriate (for example, I locked all PG-13 movies, yet was able to install and app and play a PG-13 movie.) This is very frustating. I feel like this should be a basic function, since it doesn't make sense for me to be able to lock apps I have, but be able to install the dozens of other apps available. What am I missing? I've googled and am stumped. Thank you! 

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