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Lip Sync problem, Samsung UN65MU6290

(Topic created: 01-26-2023 10:00 AM)
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Need to fix a lip sync problem with a Samsung TV UN65MU6290. The input device is an Arris VMS1100 DVR from Frontier Communications.

I contacted Samsung support by phone, also tried Samsung online chat. Neither provided useful answers, one insisted the TV works properly and blamed the input device (VMS1100). I did not find any support or means to contact Arris. Frontier tried swapping the Arris DVR, a newer generation HDMI cable, several settings, and multiple types of Arris resets, but nothing worked to fix the A/V sync problem.

Any combination of Samsung settings and Arris settings has not provided proper A/V sync. The standard/original Audio Delay setting on the TV is 70-milliseconds; changing this setting along with any Arris reset/reboot/power-cycle does not improve A/V sync.

The Arris box has a menu "ADDITIONAL HDMI SETTINGS" with "Lip Sync" and "Lip Sync Delay". When "Lip Sync" is set to Auto or Off, video is late; when set to Manual, "Lip Sync Delay" can be changed, but only provides increments of 50-ms, not 10-ms. The closest manual choices are 50-ms (video always appears late) and 100-ms (video always appears early).

Also when Arris "Lip Sync" is set to Auto, so far it seems Arris may not support any audio delay that is not a multiple of 50-ms, instead chooses a nearby value. Combining the Samsung Audio Delay of 70-ms and the lack of Arris 10-ms increments provide the only working theory that the Samsung TV and Arris DVR might be incompatible for A/V sync. (unconfirmed)

Samsung input and Arris output are both set to LPCM. Arris audio is set to Stereo (not Surround).  The latest firmware updates are confirmed for both devices.

Has anyone solved this sync problem with Samsung UN65MU6290 and Arris VMS1100 ?

Alternately, has anyone solved this sync problem using a soundbar ?

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