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Looking for firmware files for old TV

I am trying to locate an updated firmware for an old tv, I use 3 of these old models (T27B350) as my computer monitors but 1 has an older version of software versus the other 2 and has an issue that the 2 with newer software don't have. The one with older software blanks the screen when a lightswitch is flicked anywhere in the house or if a device is plugged/unplugged, the other 2 don't have this behaviour so I was trying to update the firmware to the same or higher than teh other 2 that don't have the problem but after days of googling I have not been able to find the software files for this model.


The software version on the older one with a build date of 2-23-2012 is T-MX9NMFAUSC-1002.1 while the other 2 with build dates of 5-8-2012 have software version T-MX(NMFAUSC-1003.0, hopefuly someone can point me to where I can get updated firmware? Thanks.