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Loss of HD when 2nd Smart TV activated

Hello community,


I have a single terrestial antenna on my roof.  It enters the front of my house and is input to a 1 : 3 output amplifier, one output of which feeds a 43 inch Samsung Smart TV.  A second output goes via another amplifier and feeds a 32 inch Samsung Smart TV  upstairs.  Until recently, this set up has worked fine.

However, what I'm finding now is that with the downstairs TV turned off, the upstairs TV will play HD channels perfectly.  As soon as the downstairs TV is switched on, the upstairs TV pixelates badly whilst showing HD, but will still play SD as you'd expect.


Is this just the fact I'm sharing the signal and because the TV downstairs is so much closer, it's grabbing the bulk of it and starving the TV upstairs ?


Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.  Many thanks,