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MU6300 server, remote

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My frustration grows with every added minute that I spend following various links and phone numbers down the rabbit hole. Not to bore you all, but I have spent lots of hours following the online instructions, chats ( most recently 1hr-45 min), oracles, and other Samsung experts who finally cause me to wind up here, doubtless that anything will come of it. 
Long story long, one never knew what opening screen would appear. Now the first message is “unable to connect to Samsung server. “  Remote buttons do not work, tries to pair with keyboard, which has never been a property of this, does not recognize remote. I’ve done all the battery swap, reboot the router and the oven, shake the remote at the moon…. Therefore unable to even attempt to access settings, upload software, etc  

As for “Contact us,” mwahaha. The online possibilities gagged when we got to the out-of-warranty thing.  Live person @-7864 gave me two numbers to call, which after being rerouted via a mid-western city (I am in Pittsburgh), sounded hopeful.  A couple of more transfers produced, “ we cannot make Samsung repair appointments directly, you have to call…726-7864!

So for now, we watch xfinity offerings, with solutions running from “throw it away,” (btw this is our 4th, possibly last Samsung tv), to find another resource for what we want to see. 
Sorry for the rant, but as I read from another poster, Samsung, you have to do better. 
All some of us want is a reasonable direct chance to speak with a live local authorized tech whose menu options have not changed. 

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Lastly, I would try to factory reset the unit. If this does not work. please send your full model code and serial number via private message.

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