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Muting and audio control thru HDMI ARC output

UN32M4500BF: The TV provides audio output on the HDMI ARC port (anynet+ CEC on) but I cannot mute or control the volume with the TV's remote control. When trying to adjust the sound volume with the TV's remote I can see on the TV screen what looks like a control and beside it is (HDMI) plus there is a  + and a - on the screen but there is no change in sound levels. I am using a passthru HDMI ARC converter to adapt (3.5mm) to a set of Computer speakers 2.0/sub that I used before samsung deleted the headphone jack from their builds. (Bad Decision) The manual is of no help and does not even provide a picture of the back of the TV. Seems the manuals have been stripped just like the TV's.


From reading the post I am led to believe that I should be able to control the level of the volume output of the HDMI ARC port and I should be able to mute the sound which has more status with me the controlling the volume. This TV is returnable for a full refunded.


Clarification would be appreciated.