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Network and Subtitles

(Topic created: 11-28-2021 02:14 PM)
HD and UHD TVs

I have a Samsung un50nu6950 television. I also have two other Samsung TV's, but their model numbers are not important.

Here is my issue:

I run a Buffalo NAS serving all three tvs in the house via DLNA. On the un50nu6950, i cannot get the subtitles to work over the network. The subtitles work fine on broadcast TV and if I plug in a usb drive and play it, the subtitles work as well.

On the other two samsung tvs, the subtitles work just fine over the network.

I don't want to download bloatware and I've researched this for a week, and tried several different set ups with the files all to no avail. Before you ask: YES, the file names are the same and YES, they are in the same folder. The exact same file with associated subtitle file works fine on the two other tvs and not on the un50nu6950.

Anyone experience this and come up with a solution?


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