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Network connections dropping on TV after power off


I got this TV delivered on 07/29/20. I have a strange issue. I connect to an available wifi network on my TV to access Netflix, Prime etc. It works fine the first time, but when I turned the TV off and back on again, the network connection has dropped and also the TV cannot find any available networks. The router is fine because the networks show up fine on all my other devices such as phones, tablets etc. I am able to connect again only after either

a. Pulling the power cord off, plug back in and reentering network information after restart

b. Resetting the network to factory settings and then repeating the configuration of network

I see two errors - error code 107 and also I see an error where the TV is unable to get a an IP address manually from the router.


Please help.



Adarsh Shrivatsa

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Network connections dropping on TV after power off

To resolve the issue and get the TV to reconnect try the following:


First, Cold Boot the TV. This can be done by holding the power button on the remote until the TV turns off and back on (about 5 seconds). Or you can unplug and plug the TV back in. This is the "temporary" fix,  updates and fixes are set to go out sometime soon that will address this issue permanently but the issue should not occur again after the cold boot.


If you are still having an issue connecting after the Cold Boot of your TV continue with the following troubleshooting steps:


Check for a software update and install it if one's available:


Since you're unable to connect, you'll have to do it the manual way:


  • Navigate to Settings > Support.
  • Hover over Software Update to view the current software version on your TV. It is listed to the right.
  • Visit our Download Center to check the latest software file for your TV. If the software version on the website is higher than the version on your TV, download it and extract the file to the root of a USB drive. Don't put it in any folder on the drive.
  • Insert the thumb drive into a USB port on your TV.
  • Navigate to Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now.
  • After the update is complete, try the network connection again.


Reset the TV:

Navigate to Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset and enter your PIN (the default is 0000). After the reset, try connecting again.


Make sure your Wi-Fi network is compatible with the TV:


Network requirements vary between TVs and are listed in the user manual. As an example, 2018 models NU6***, NU71**, NU72**, and NU73** only support 2.4Ghz networks. They will not even see a 5Ghz network.


If the network is not compatible with the TV, the TV will be unable to see or connect to it.

In most cases, the default settings for home networks are fine. However, if the network settings have been adjusted, confirm that they meet the requirements of the TV.


Disconnect some of your other things that are connected to Wi-Fi:

The more things you have connected to your Wi-Fi network, the weaker the signal will be. If you have 2 tablets, 3 phones, a refrigerator, and an Xbox, the signal could be very weak. Disconnect all other Wi-Fi devices from the network and then try to connect the TV.


If this does the trick when none of the previous steps worked, it means you have more devices connected than your router can handle and you should upgrade your router or connect fewer devices.


Try connecting to a different network:


This is a troubleshooting step to help determine what the issue might be. For instance, if a mobile device with hotspot functionality is available, have it create a network and try to connect the TV to the hotspot. If any other networks are available, they can be tried as well.


Note: If the TV can connect to any other network, service is not required, and the issue is with the network that you're unable to connect to. Contact your ISP if they provided the router, or the manufacturer of the router if it was bought separately.




If the issue continues, we recommend contacting your ISP or the manufacturer of your router for further assistance. If they help you determine the TV as the source of the issue, service is required.



Here are some service options:

- If your unit was recently purchased, you can check with your retailer on their return/exchange processes.
- If you have an extended warranty you can reach out to them to have service processed.
- If you're within the one year warranty, you can private message one of our moderators with your full model and serial number to have service set up.

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Re: Network connections dropping on TV after power off

My TV does the same thing... when will the updates come out?