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New 65" faulty inner screen

(Topic created: 10-21-2021 01:31 PM)
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I purchased a new Samsung 65" and bought the extended warranty (knowing I would probably not need it), after a little over two months I moved the tv to a new location, caring it gently and when I set it on the new stand there was a spot and streak on the inner screen, no damage or marks of any kind on the outer plastic screen. I notified the retailer and they sent me to Samsung, who sent me to the secondary insurance, who sent me to Samsung support, who said it can't be fixed and call Samsung.  I called Samsung and they said they won't do anything and said go to a technician and pay for it myself, I was willing to do this instead of throwing the tv away as Samsung said would probably be the option, the service provider was over three hours from my house.  The nightmare of a tv continues.  I guess I should have just given Samsung my $700 bucks and saved the headache from the beginning.  Looking at other companies from here on out, to bad because I was a Samsung fan.

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