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Not Happy - One Connect Box Not Working and the TV is Urepairable

(Topic created on: 3/24/21 3:46 PM)
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I have a UN65KS800DFXZA purchased in late 2016 with a One Connect Box that was damaged during power surges.  I am super frustrated by the fact that this part cannot be replaced and has been discontinued, leaving my TV with no HDMI ports.  Authorized Samsung repair abruptly cancelled my service request when finding out the box was my issue, saying no replacement part is available.  I also tried to order a replacement box from both Samsung Parts (J&J) and Sears Parts.  In both cases, they said the part was in stock and charged my credit card.  In both cases they cancelled the order after a week and said the box (BN91-17814W) was unavailable and discontinued.  I can't help feel that Samsung has failed me on a premium TV.  Has anyone else had this experience?  I don't know if I could ever purchase a Samsung again.

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