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One Connect Mini and WiFi

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About 2017, we bought a new Samsung UN55MU800DF, 55". The Code is: UN55MU800DFXZA. We had it wall-mounted. 

It came with a One Connect box and cable. The Model No. is: BN91-18726A, Assy One Connect Mini, MU7000, 55.


In the past year or more, we have had problems connecting to the internet for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video (streaming movie apps) on the TV. Using my PC, I never had a problem connecting to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video with our old modem/router (when it was working).

In hopes of correcting the problems created by the failing old modem/router combo, a new modem/router was installed by CenturyLink about one month ago. Our WiFi stability improved for all other devices. There have been no interrupts or slowdowns caused by the new modem.

The one problem that still persisted is the unpredictable failure of the TV to connect to the internet and consequently to the streaming video apps. An "Internet Connectivity Problem" message popped-up.


My DirecTV receiver/DVR had a connected input cable from the DirecTV wall outlet and an output cable (through the wall and up through the conduit) connecting to the One Connect box. It also had an ethernet cable that was connected, I assume, directly to the modem/router. The streaming video apps "Internet Connectivity Problem" still persisted.

I disconnected the ethernet cable from both the wall jack and the receiver/DVR. The TV still received WiFi. I assumed it was broadcast through the air.


Hold on! This is where it becomes baffling!!

The One Connect box (which I've grown to dislike intensely) is connected to the DirecTV receiver/DVR with the previously mentioned cable. The One Connect box is, in turn, connected to the TV with a One Connect Cable.

I've already established that, I think, the TV receives WiFi by direct transmission. There is no other transmission of which I'm familiar - unless there is WiFi transmission through the DirecTV cable.

Once a day, approx., we are able to reconnect to the internet if . . . if I unplug the One Connect Cable from the One Connect box, wait a second or two, and plug the cable back into the One Connect box. Voila! The internet and the streaming video apps, again, work!

Internet accessibility continues through the day and evening, whether or not the TV is turned off and then on again. The next morning it doesn't work until the One Connect Cable is disconnected and reconnected to the One Connect box. ***I simply don't get it.***

I've considered purchasing a new One Connect box from SamsungParts at https://www.samsungparts.com/Default.aspx. It was listed at around $200. I’m not spending $200 on  a non-returnable product if it won’t fix the problem.

If you have a solid solution to this vexing problem, please, please let me know.

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