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PS4 flickering on Samsung TV UA46ES8000

Hi all. I have connected my PS4 to an older Samsung TV with the model UA46ES8000. It is nearly 10 years old or so and the backlight is flickering. When I play Ghost of Tsushima on it I think the colors are not rendering correctly sometimes.


I have attached a sample video here. You can see the grass' and armor's colors are weird especially when I rotate the camera. I have tried changing to three different cables with no effect. Of course there is the possibility that the TV is somewhat broken, but I would like to rule out all possibilities. My observations:


  1. The backlight of the TV is flickering as well, but I do not think this is related to the colors in the game.

  2. This only happens for in-game rendering, not for cutscenes.

  3. I can watch Netflix and other videos on this TV just fine, albeit the backlight is still flickering. But no problems with colors.

  4. I have tried this PS4 unit and the cables on another TV and there is no problem.

  5. I have tried changing the unit's Video Output settings like Resolution, RGB color, etc., to no effect.

  6. Referring to observations #2 and #3, I think this is a 3D real time rendering because it doesn't happen with regular videos or cutscenes.

Appreciate if anyone can give me any tips or solutions. Thanks!




Re: PS4 flickering on Samsung TV UA46ES8000

well it is a Samsung tv so.... they routinely sell themselves short right out of the box with their crazy picture presets provided which almost never come close to delivering a really satisfying all around picture or, rather, a picture the actually shows Samsung's LCD panels off to their best which is confusing to me since they are widely considered by many in their own industry, as an industry leading display maker. granted, they tend to boast up "new technologies", when hitting the market, that other manufacturers do to but not as puffed up sometimes, but Samsung has the right cause they back it up with quality picture viewing pleasure... normally, I'd chalk it up to being just a factory default setting for industry standard safety reasons or whatever but.... that's not what their, often times, ridiculous presets could be contributed too such as.. your model for instance... the movie preset uses a blacklight and contrast setting that's far too HIGH, and like always, driving those two key picture components too aggressively reduces black light response, increases incidents of blacklight inconsistency, makes colors look over aggressive, and exaggerates source picture noise. That tv is also known to have occasional blacklight bleeding especially in 3D viewing. Compounded by 10 years of use and in conjuction with each other, is very plausible that the TV is having difficulty maintaining its cool so to speak and am thinking off the top of my head that a few adjustments to those specific settings and their accompanying sub settings in their respected group would just about wipe that right up. if adjustments to those settings using the tv's normal display settings are not available or don't work (I'm thinking maybe a little but prolly not), you'll have to use the maintenance display settings which are far more specific. don't freak out, it's not hard to get to, navigate, make adjustments, travel back and forth to check, and test though you can mess with the wrong stuff and cause real damage to the display. I won't leave you blind, try the normal tv settings for those and adjust them down and if your tv has a screen cleaning mode then run that a few times after and see if there is a difference. let me know and I'll tell you about the maintenance stuff. just a thought for you though... I mean it is a 10yr old TV so you probably wouldn't want to pay for a calibration test or to have it done, (300 bucksish) prolly, but that's up to you if you'd feel more comfortable with that then the DIY way considering you mentioned that while playing there are times it doesn't do that so I'm thinking it's probably not the connects, console, console display settings. Could always eject the disk and give it a good cleaning and a quick blow out of the drive on the console if it's a model that has one and you have a disk your using.
Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: PS4 flickering on Samsung TV UA46ES8000

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