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Pairing HW-F551 Soundbar with 8 Series TU8000 Television

Hi all,


I'm normally a 'fix-it-myself' kind of person, but I've come to the end of the line in my online searching and troubleshooting.


I have just bought a new TU8000 television, and cannot pair my HW-F551 soundbar, which I note is an older model. I have previously used this soundbar to connect with my older Samsung smart tv.


The sound bar doesn't appear in the list of bluetooth devices, nor can I pair it using the recommend settings advised in the HW-F551 soundbar manual ([HW-F550-F551-XY,XM,XS,XL]AH6...).

I have tried BT and TV modes on the soundbar. Surely, these Samsung products must be compatible?


If some of you wizards out there could spare this frustrated layman some brain power, it would be most appreciated!


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Pairing HW-F551 Soundbar with 8 Series TU8000 Television

Since you are able to connect the soundbar with an older model television, there may be a compatibility issue with the soundbar and the newer model television. New features are added to the television and it might not allow you to connect it to the soundbar due to the age of the device.



The model code of the soundbar is showing up as an international device, was the television purchased in the US? 

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