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Pandora App Sound stopped on new 2020 Crystal UHD 7 Series TV

Per subject, I bought Model UN50TU700DF TV at Costco (if that makes a difference).

I installed a Vizio sound bar (if that makes a difference).


Then I downloaded and configured Pandora.  The app worked, at least initially. 

Now, it just opens, with my stations and appears to be playing.  But, the time of the song never advances and no sound plays.


There are several forum threads to be found online.   A common solution was to modify the network settings.  Here's a link:


Unfortunately, on my version, there is no option to "turn IPv6 off". 

If there is, please let me know the steps.


Thanks in advance.



Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Pandora App Sound stopped on new 2020 Crystal UHD 7 Series TV



Try connecting the soundbar to the TV in a different way. 


If you have another soundbar try connecting it to the TV.


Disconnect the soundbar from the TV. Does Pandora work?


Is this the only app that you are having trouble with? Are you able to hear sound when watching TV or listening to music by using the Youtube app?



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