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Paramount+ ( Paramount Plus) not working! Avoid until fixed (maybe longer).

(Topic created: 07-17-2021 09:06 AM)
HD and UHD TVs

Confirmed with Paramount Plus support yesterday that they have a problem with their app on Samsung TV's.  Do not know when it will work again, and that they refuse to do anything about not providing the service I subscribed to (like extend the subscription date by the length of time I've been unable to use the service).

I've disputed the charges on my credit card for their not providing the service and advise people avoid signing up until they provide a working app and make users whole for the service they lost.  Until then I feel they cannot be trusted.


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HD and UHD TVs

Have gone through the following with no success:

- deleted the app, turned tv off, unplugged tv for approx. 30 secs, turned tv back on, reloaded app. No success.

- did the above and restarted router and cable modem. No success.

All other streaming apps are working fine.

TV model = UN50MU6300FXZA

Samsung advised that it was a Paramount problem. I contacted Paramount and they advised to ensure I was running the latest version of the app. The version that shows up in the Samsung app store for  my version of tv was release #4.5.19 updated 03/04/2021.

(Samsung web site app store shows Paramount plus app having been update as of 07/21/2021 and my model listed as compatible, so why not listed as such on tv??)


The following got the Paramount app working again (same release and 03/04/2021 update as above) HOWEVER it deleted ALL of the apps I had set-up and they had to be reloaded.

Go into SETTINGS, then select SELF DIAGNOSIS, then select RESET SMART HUB.

After smart hub was reset I reloaded the Paramount app, signed in to it and it worked.

This worked for me. Don't know how long it will work, but I hope it works for others.

Guess it was not a Paramount app problem at all for my situation.