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Poor customer service

I have 8 Samsung products in my home. The last Item purchased was a 55 tv.  It had a 3 year warranty. The screen went out. I contacted Samsung. It took them 2 weeks NOT TO FIND A SERVICE CENTER that could make good on the warranty. Then the offer to purchase the tv back because no service center would srevice the tv. Then they contacted a 3rd party to find a trucking company to pick up the tv. The trucking company never called and I had to find out who the trucking company was and request a pick up. They could not pick up in week 1 but could pick up in week 2 on thursday. Then in week 2 I called the trucking company to make sure I was on the schedule for pick up. Got an excuse that the driver was sick and they would pick up in week 3 on Tuesday. Way more than the 21 days I was pormised to have the refund. Still waiting for the trucking company to pick up tv. When I called samsung and asked to talk to supervisor, the 1st time I waited 97 minutes and then was hung uo on. The 2nd time I called and asked for supervisor, I waited 56 minutes and the supervisor said she could not hear me cery well and hung up on me. I will never purchase another Samsung product. My washer and dryer are now approaching 12 years old and will have to be replaced soon and I will absolutly not purchase any more Samsung products. Customer service uses some bad communication devices as everytime I have called them I get real bad echo of my voice back and makes it hard to communicate with them. I am done with this company


Re: Poor customer service

I'm confused... is the TV still under the 3 yr warranty or not? Factory Warranty or third-party extension? If it is still under factory warranty then for how much longer will it be? let me know and I'll tell you what to do to get that fixed quickly.

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