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Power Supply or Back Light?

Hello everyone! I have a 55 inch Samsung UN55J6201AFXZA model tv, I bought it about 3 years ago and the power supply went out on me in April, I bought a component replacement kit and the new power supply was great until last week when I noticed a smell and then the tv popped and went out. Come to find out it burnt/cracked/and blew I think a small fuse up by where the back light connects to the power supply board. I dealt with getting a replacement power supply board again and within 5 minutes of powering up I noticed a smell, so I turned the tv off, and looking at the board the exact same spot is darkened/the small fuse was starting to melt as well. I don't know circuit boards but I'm not looking to purchase another tv, does anyone have suggestions? 


This is a link to my original post for a few days ago.