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Problem with shadow on Samsung 65” tv

In late 2016, I bought a 65” Samsung curved television (Model: UN65K8500; Serial Number: <Hidden>). I made this purchase at the St. Matthews Best Buy in Louisville, Kentucky. Unfortunately, the television now has an inexplicable vertical dark shadow just left of center. I have included a photo for your information. The problem is worse in some parts of the color spectrum than others.
I contacted Samsung, was advised the factory warranty had expired and was directed to a local Samsung repair person. Without so much as a visit to my home, the tech advised me that the problem was a “panel failure” and would cost in excess of $1400.00 to repair.
I have three Samsung televisions in my home and have plans to buy another larger unit for my basement. I have also purchased two additional Samsung televisions for use in my department at the University of Louisville. I have been a loyal customer, because I have been convinced your products are superior. I am aware that the warranty has expired, but hope you can understand that I am disappointed by the failure of such a high-end purchase in less than three years. I am also surprised by the refusal to address it to this point. It’s simpmy bad business to not stand by this very expensive product and my problem doesn’t seem unique.


To resolve the problem, I would hope you would be willing to repair or replace this television. I look forward to your reply. Please contact me at this electronic mail address or by personal phone at <Hidden>
Sincerely and respectfully,
Dr. Ricky L. Jones
Ricky L. Jones, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair, Dept. of Pan-African Studies
University of Louisville
Phone: <Hidden>
Electronic mail: <Hidden>



Re: Problem with shadow on Samsung 65” tv

same problem here did you ever get a response?