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 I own a lot of Samsung products/devices and in fact I have a 82" 60R QLED and a Surround Sound System being delivered tomorrow *. Cellphones, watches, Tablets, TVs and Washer/Dryer. Most of the time I buy Samsung whenever possible. No major problems with the exceptions of an aging S2 tablet and my cellphones seemingly go on the fritz after the 24 month purchasing plan is complete.


So I purchased a UN40MU6290FX for a guest bedroom on Black Friday 2017. Fast forward to a week or so ago, I decide to watch TV in said guest bedroom and to my dismay the TV doesn't power up. Mind you It's The First Time Attempting To Use It. Take all the recommended steps to no avail and finally get around to contacting Samsung and they advise me there's ONLY A 1 YEAR WARRANTY. No Accommodations At All, just nearly an hour of my life wasted before sharing the fact that it wasn't under warranty and Thank You for choosing Samsung. 


Now I won't bash the company because I've been satisfied with nearly all my past purchases. I am however anxious about my latest purchases and extremely upset that the only thing that I got out of the 40" was a Thank You. Feels more like a Blank You.


Has anyone else had this issue with this TV?



Re: Problems

I have a UN40FH6030F and it turned itself off and want turn on light flashing