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Purple patches on 4k 65inch Curve Screen Television UN65MU6500

In December 2017 I bought a 4k 65inch Curve Screen Television UN65MU6500.  It had a great picture and sound, nice features and was a great television.  It was so good I bought another Samsung 4k for another room in the house.  I was a big fan.....until this week.
I watch a lot of black and white videos.  I started noticing Purple areas near the middle and bottom of the screen.  I tried resetting the television, unplugging it, adjusting the picture.  I then looked online and discovered it's a common problem after 2 years on these.  It appears they use poor quality LED's to backlight the display. 
I called Samsung for support, and was told it's out of warranty, I called the credit card company and they only offer extended warranty for an extra year.  I then called two local repair services to see what it would cost to repair.   The first place told me that other companies have acknowledged the problem and pay for the repair, but not Samsung.   I found a Samsung authorized repair tech, he charged me $100 to tell me that the LED's aren't available and the Panel needs to be replaced to the tune of $1200 plus tax. 
It is a shame that Samsung won't repair a wide spread defect that is obviosly caused by them using cheaper parts during manufacturing when other companies will.   I'm sorry I bought that second television since it now has the same issue.  I'm about to dump my phone, watch and a refrigerator to get their brand name out of my house.   If the won't even produce replacement parts for their stuff it's not worth buying.  
I wish Samsung had used better quality parts from the start, they have nice products, but they will not last and for the price they are a waste.  A 65inch television is an expensive item to have to haul off, but garbage is garbage.  Garbage your name is Samsung.