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QN55QN95BAFXZA speaker bass distortion

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My Samsung QN55QN95BAFXZA  have a sound speaker bass distortion when use with the volume level 13.

If I set the volume level to 30 is even worse. I have the lastest firmware installed (1420), have reset the tv hub/ reset sound,  and still have the sound bass distortion when using the sound setting to AMPLIFY, if I set the sound setting to STANDARD there is not distortion.

Today a technician came and change the PEQ-INX setting from 540 to 1 using a service remote control which helped with the distortion.

Now I'm getting the same remote to play with this setting to see how high I can get without distortion.

I'm actually on 1420 firmware.

Samsung could fix this via firmware, but we all know how "efficient" Samsung is with firmware updates..

I bought my tv directly from Samsung

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