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Red light continuous blinks

Hello all.  So i am in Samsung tv whole it looks like too.  Got a un55h6300 tv ... that all of the sudden, is flashing red light and have major issues.  The remote no longer works at all, neither does the button on the back.    To get the tv on and off, I have to physically plug in the tv and unplug.   I also am having to have my roku and my cable box physically share the hdmi cable... so a lot of plugging in and unplugging.    I need help....

I have changed the batteries many times, and even went out and bought very expensive energizer batteries... still same issue.  I have a sound system which is Samsung as well.   One thing to note... if I try to press the remote buttons, the red light stops, but when I release, again it comes back.  Also, the remote for the sound system is having issues now too, to where it is no longer working... that remote as well, of pressed, makes the red light stop when pressed.  I cannot reset my tv as none of the buttons work, and for the life of me, cannot figure out how to manually reset as well.    Can anyone assist?   Thanks!

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Red light continuous blinks

If the buttons are no longer working on the television, it will likely require service. Are there any other wireless devices in the room that could be interfering with the remotes? Is there a glass cabinet in the room?