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HD and UHD TVs

Can someone tell me how to resubmit a review on samsung.com? Mine was published without capital letters, so it's hard to read. The review is for a 55-inch TU8000 Crystal HD TV (UN55TU8000FXZA).Here is the text of the review: An actually smart TV my wife and i are pleased. setup was easy with on-screen instructions, and we now have access to more entertainment than we ever wanted. we can adjust the picture and sound precisely, but with the narrow viewing angle, i lose a little color and sharpness in my recliner off to the side. bluetooth lets me use earbuds at 3 a.m., and the remote's voice-capability lets her avoid button-hunting. the intuitive remote guides us through its functions. but we still must use our cable remote to record in advance, and our speakers' remote to control their volume. we have little use for the smart things iphone app or for ambience wallpaper. but altogether, we're happy.

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