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Samsung 7 series TV unable to update

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For a Samsung 7 series TV (model UN65TU7000FX), I cannot complete the update.

The software that is currently running is version 2303.1

I have downloaded the update (2401.0). I extracted (unzipped) the download and copied the two files (an .msd file and a text file) to a USB drive. When I try to run the update on the TV, it asks if I want to look in the USB for an update and I click 'yes'. I then get a message that says that there are no updates available. I have confirmed that the currently installed version is 2303.1.

I have tried various USB drives of different sizes and the I have tried various file formats for the USB drive (FAT, FAT32, exFAT). Nothing seems to work. The TV does not recognize the update on the USB.

I have tried with only the .msd file as the only thing on the USB and I have tried with the folders from the unzipped download (USB Drive > T-KTSU2AKUC > Image >upgrade.msd), as well as various combination in between. No success.

After each attempt, a text file is written to the USB and that file is named, 'ses-usb-installer'. Opening that text file, it reads - "SES path not found, exit". I suspect that something is missing here, but I do not know what that is.

I have re-downloaded the update from Samsung, thinking that the initial download may have been corrupted. That did not change the outcome.

Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.

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