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Samsung HP-S5053 Plasma TV Black Screen

(Topic created: 11-29-2021 05:57 PM)
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I need help diagnosing a Samsung HP-S5053 Plasma TV. When turned on it works fine but after 15 Minutes or so the screen goes completely black but the sound still works. It locks out but will come back after it has been turned off for quite a while, only to repeat the same problem. I downloaded the service manual for the HP-S5053 but it shows and describes a different main board than the one I have. I have a BN9603735a main board.  Sounded like it might be a temperature problem so I put a powerful fan blowing on the top back vent section. It took 2 hours for the problem to happen with the fan blowing. Took the back off and could not find anything running hotter than 40 deg. C. Manual says it will lock out on high temp at 135 deg C.  Having a schematic of that main board would be very helpful. Any help would be appreciated.

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