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Samsung One Issue Model UN65KS8000FXZA Version FA01

(Topic created on: 3/21/21 6:49 PM)
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I am having issues with the Samsung One is resetting my cable DVR box. It is a new Fios one box. When the cable box is connected to the TV and I turn off the TV, the cable box will reset itself multiple times. I counted 16 restarts in two hours by seeing the same show recorded multiple times. After restarting it drops the link to the remote. If I disconnect the cable box from the TV there is no restarting when i turn off the TV.

I am looking for a new Samsung One but it looks like this model is discontinued. I hope this is not the case as this was a top TV when I bought it two years ago. Now I may need a new TV? If so it is inexcusable. 

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