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Samsung Series 6 65" Picture Failure

(Topic created on: 2/9/21 2:23 PM)
HD and UHD TVs

After just 5 years of operation, my 65" Series 6 TV has so many purple blotches, it looks been it has been in a paintball tournament. If it were a $30 toaster, I would not be so irate. However, when you spend close to $2000 for a TV, you expect the longevity to far exceed 5 years. It's hard to believe a 1960's Vacuum Tube TV could live up to the daily viewing experience with greater durability than the latest technology employed by Samsung.

I am as much dismayed by the lack of support from Samsung. The online technician had me attempt a few insignificant (farcical) actions which of course failed to identify any issues other than where we first started. Many people identify with this problem but their technician claims he has not heard of the issue. The expert claims this is not happening yet I have a personal friend who experienced exactly the same problem after just two years. I realize we are in times of COVID, but Samsung has gone one step further and enacted to the position of an Osterich, burying its head in the sand.

All I ask is that Samsung admits there is an issue with their TV LCD's and provide greater assistance to those encountering this issue. When the TV's work, they work well, just not long enough.






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