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Samsung Series 7 NU7100 Cannot Find Discovery Plus

(Topic created: 11-13-2021 05:42 AM)
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My UA43NU7100 Series 7 UHD TV is fully updated with the latest version  1320.4. However, I cannot find Discovery Plus in the APPS. Any info how I can install discovery plus on my device. It is said that series 7 tvs and newer ones should be able to download Discovery Plus in the APPS. Could you please give me a step by step process if there is anything Im missing. 


Things I have tried. Update software, reset APPS, software reset the TV, reset Smart Hub, manual reset (cuttoff power supply). 


I hope someone can help me.


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HD and UHD TVs
Hello. Make sure you're signed into your Samsung Account on your television.

Navigate to APPS > Search. Type Discovery+ . It should be the first result that appears. When opened, select the install button.

If it isn't showing, you'll need to reset the TV by going to your TV's Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset. Doing so will remove all saved data and settings!

I have this exact television set and it gave me the same exact trouble when trying to use Discovery+ .

Hope this helps