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Samsung Series 8 TV; Cable Box, HW-KM57C Sound Bar; and Headphones

(Topic created: 05-16-2021 02:12 PM)
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Hello Everyone, 

I hope someone can assist.  I'm trying to setup a Samsung Series 8 Smart TV with a Samsung Sound Bar (HW-KM75C) and a pair of Sennheiser 175 headphones to allow a family member who is hard of hearing to have the ability to listen at a louder volume while the rest of the family hears through the sound bar.  This setup had worked up until the old headphone broke requiring their replacement but the setup has not changed. 

Current setup is:

HDMI1-Cable Box; HDM2 - Apple TV; HDMI 4 (ARC) - Samsung Smart Bar; Digital Optical - Sennheiser 175 headphones. 

I'm able to get audio through the sound bar for all items (HDMI), but only able to get audio from the headphones when source is set to HDMI4 which doesn't allow video from the cable box. 

I've reset and rebuilt the system 3 time trying to figure out why it worked before and not now, but haven't had luck. 

Has anyone had this problem before or could offer a solution? Do I need a HDMI audio extractor to act as a pass through? Just really confused here.



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