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Samsung Smart TV Model UN55F6300 Suddenly Stopped Connecting To Internet - Problem Solved!

(Topic created: 04-27-2021 11:26 AM)
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My Samsung Smart TV Model UN55F6300 that I purchased on Dec. 27, 2013 suddenly stopped connecting to the Internet on April 24, 2021.  I have a second Samsung Smart TV located in another room and it was connecting normally to the Internet with the correct IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway and DNS Server Numbers.  I use a wireless router and both TV's were successfully connecting to the router.  I checked this by going to "Menu", selecting "Network" and then "Network Status".  

So, I knew that something had changed on the Model UN55F6300 TV.  When I went to "menu", selected "network' and then "Network Settings", the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway numbers,  were the same as the Samsung TV that was successfully connecting to the Internet.  However, the DNS server numbers were "" on the TV that wasn't connecting.  I then manually put in the DNS Server numbers I obtained from the Samsung TV that was connecting to the Internet. The TV still wouldn't connect.

At this point, I read a lot of the comments in the "Samsung Community" on the problem and this is what I did to solve my problem:

1)  Powered down in this order: my Samsung Model UN55F6300 TV, my Netgear wireless router, and my Charter modem.  Powered them back up in this order:  my Charter Modem, my Netgear wireless router, and my Samsung Model UN55F6300 TV.  The TV still had the problem described above and would not connect to the Internet.

2) I then decided the to do the "Factory Reset", which is the last resort according to many of the comments I read.  On the Samsung Model UN55F6300 TV, you go to the "main menu", select "support", then select "self diagnosis", then select "reset" and put in PIN: (if you hadn't changed the PIN).   Factory reset wipes out all settings and I had to go through multiple screens to MANUALLY get everything all set up (cable box source, wireless password, etc.)  I had to MANUALLY put in the  correct IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway and DNS Server Numbers.  When I checked "Network Status", it showed I was connected to the wireless router and the Internet!!!!

3)  Since I am an Amazon Prime member, I tried to connect to it.  It wouldn't connect.  So, I decided to "Smart Hub Reset".  You go to "main menu", select "Smart Features", then select "Smart Hub Reset" and put in PIN:  It took awhile for the reset to be completed. Once it was done, you have to manually set up the Smart Hub.  In my case, I added the Amazon Prime Video application and instructions popped up with a code that I had to type in on my Amazon.com account.   Once I did that in my Amazon account, I was able to press the "Amazon" button on my Samsung TV remote control and  the TV successfully connected to Prime Video. 

All of this took me about three hours of research and execution.  I hope I have helped others with this problem to get it solved faster.

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This worked for me:

1. Turn off TV

2. Unplug HDMI cable of the device that the remote has stopped controlling.

3. Unplug the power to device (i.e. cable box, TiVo, whatever) for a couple of minutes, then restore the power to device.

4. Turn on TV

5. Now plug HDMI cable for device back into TV's HDMI input.

6. The TV will respond as if this is an initial set-up for this source, and run you through the complete registration procedure.  If the TV God is with you, and you light a candle, your smart remote will once again run your device; (or at least for an undetermined period of time when it may once again stop unexpectedly and without explanation, and then you can run through this procedure again).      Hope this helps.

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