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Samsung TV One Connect issues model UN65MU8000

I have a Samsung TV model UN65MU8000 and I have been having issues with my One Connect.  I thought it was the Bose 300 Soundbar connection to the HDMI ARC port and then started having troubles connecting the Apple TV on HDMI 1 port.  I have tried to connect the soundbar with an optical cable but was unsuccessful.  The One Connect just stops recognizing devices connected to it.  I tested the soundbar with another TV and did not have any connection/sound issues.  Problem has to be with the One Connect.  I spent many hours troubleshooting the TV and device connected to it without any luck.  I have tried everything except replacing the One Connect.   I am not happy with Samsung and the quality of this TV.  I have read many forums and I am not the only customer who is having this issue with HDMI and ARC ports.  Sounds like Samsung made a faulty product and is leaving their customers with an expensive paperweight.  I purchased the TV in March 2018 and started experiencing this issue in early 2019.  I have given up and thought I would reach out via this community for help.