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Samsung TV UN65NU800D colors distorted and sound not working

(Topic created: 05-08-2021 11:59 PM)
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This morning when I turned on my TV I saw a really weird message:


 "We are adjusting the picture quality for you to experience a better UHD screen. You can change the settings in Settings -> General -> External Device Manager -> HDMI UHD Color"

This message would pop up for a short period every 15 seconds when my TV box was plugged in. The TV channels and the settings menu and everything are in this weird mixture of distorted colors. And sound stopped working.

Both TV box and TV work through Wifi. No cable. 

I've tried the following none of which worked:

- Unplug TV and TV box several times

- Going to the settings menu in that message but option to adjust color settings is not there"

- Factory reset didn't help

- Did an online software update check, tells me I'm on the latest version

- Tried fiddling with a bunch of TV settings to no avail. 

Ocassionally the TV responds slower than normal. And sometimes it takes a good 10 seconds to turn on after seeing the Samsung Smart TV logo. Before it used to turn on instantly. Also sometimes when turned on, the TV shows a brown screen and then powering it on again makes it actually turn on.

Also forgot to mention, when I go to Picture settings and try to select Picture Mode or Expert Settings, I get an error message saying "This function is not available" so I can't experiment with those settings. 

Based on everything I've researched online, it's possible my TV has a faulty T-con board because this distorted color is appearing on TV settings menu too. 

Another weird thing to mention is during my diagnostics and unplugging/replugging TV, I sometimes got stuck inside the Samsung TV Plus app where colors looked completely normal but I couldn't exit out of this app, and that was happening in the past. Now it's just saying there is no input signal with the "Source" button. If I have the TV box plugged in, I need to go to Settings -> General -> Start Setup to get it to load the TV box channels.

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