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Samsung UN58J5190AF Powered off on its on and will not power on

(Topic created: 07-23-2021 04:37 PM)
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My Samsung tv powered off a few weeks ago, and never powered back on. We tried everything. We get NOTHING no standby lights, nothing. The remote control won't even light up when we push it - and we've changed out the batteries several times. The model is only about 5 years old, and we've had the tv since 2018 (3 years). My husband seems to think all these smart tv's are cheaply made and are throw-aways. I refuse to throw a tv away I spent my hard earned money on. But this will definitely cause me to NEVER buy another Samsung product again, if 5 years is its lifespan. HELP!!!!!


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Sounds like the power supply failed. It may not be worth fixing at 5 years old. I know that's not long and it may be worth having a tech look at it.