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Samsung Universal Remote Won't Control Samsung HW-K450/ZA Soundbar

(Topic created on: 1/6/21 12:20 PM)
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I have 2016 UN65KS800DF Samsung Smart TV.  Universal Remote will not remember the ON/OFF control of the Samsung soundbar.  When setting up the soundbar aspect of the Unversal remote, the setup tests correctly. But after setup, the Universal remote never turns off the soundbar. Sometimes the soundbar will come on with TV, but rarely.  The soundbar is set to detect Optical to turn itself on/off.  That apparently doesn't work either.  But universal remote does control the volume up/down of the soundbar, so there is some connection there.


For a couple days, the Universal Remote setup for the soundbar was able to lookup the soundbar's model number, but the [List more model numbers] button in the dialog no longer works, so I cannot even scroll to the correct model number.  Weird stuff.


Anyone else have this problem or a solution?

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