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Samsung remote recently stopped working controlling WOW arris MP2150ana cable box

(Topic created: 11-18-2021 11:16 AM)
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I seem to be having the same problem as noted in the various threads (about 70) that I have read about  Samsung tv remotes not working with various provider's cable boxes.

I have a 50" TU7000FXZA crystal UHD bought late  dec 2020.  The remote has worked perfectly for the last 11 months however after the latest Samsung software update (ver 2101) the remote has lost the universal remote functionality.  I have spent 2-3 hours resetting the remote and manually trying to connect the arris cable box with no success. The cable set-up program doesn't even recognize any of the Arris cable box model numbers (MP2000,MP2150A, MP2150ANA) so this remote has turned into a useless plastic paper weight. 

I also have a 65" Sony BRAV TV in my family room bought at the same time last year and the Sony universal remote has no issues controlling another  Arris MP2150ANA cable box plus a Samsung sound bar, so please don't tell me it's WOW's fault.   Samsung needs to admit their latest TV software update is causing the lost universal remote functionality issue and FIX THE PROBLEM

Thank you

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