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Screen literal fell out of the TV housing- came home to a mess!

(Topic created: 10-08-2021 07:22 AM)
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Bought SAMSUNG 85" Class TU800D-Series Crystal Ultra HD 4K Smart TV - UN85TU800DFXZA (2020 Model) Oct 3 2020

mounted to wall same day.  on 10/7/21 (just days over a year) I come home to the screen on the floor.  fallen out of the frame/housing.

Called the warranty company as directed and they said its not covered.

Googled Samsung tv screen falling and WOW - lots of people are having this same problem.  Seems like the manufacturer didn't do something right for so many people having this problem.

Called Samsung- was told it isn't covered, I argued saying its clearly a mass issue- not just me- so they had me send pictures- lots of holding and waiting

Said they will send out a technician to deem if it can be repaired.  Ridiculous- this means DAYS or weeks without the TV.  No tech appointment for a week.  Then waiting on potential parts, or to be told its irreparable.  UGH.  I have lost all faith in SAMSUNG and will not buy again- I'll be sure to share this experience with friends.  Hardworking people should not pay 2K for a TV for it to fall apart at 1 year.  Poor craftsmanship.  Friendly customer service, but a defect like this should not inconvenience the consumer.  Should be an automatic replacement.  


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