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Series 6 now insists on using TV plus as default source

(Topic created: 06-07-2021 04:17 PM)
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Hello All

I've had a Samsung series 6 HD TV for some years now, and suddenly its behavior has changed.

Up until now, when I power up the TV in the morning (we shut off the power strip to our entertainment equipment at night), it always has defaulted to our Verizon cable box on HMDI 1.

Recently, for some reason, it has begun defaulting to TV Plus (which we have never  tried and don't want). Now I have to keep changing the source back to Verizon every day using the Samsung remote, which I usually don't use.

As a possible solution, I deleted all the channels from TV Plus and removed it the from home screen at the bottom of the TV. But the TV insists on adding it back to the home screen on power up and then shows a message saying there is no content to display from TV Plus  (obviously because I deleted all the channels). As I said, I then have to manually switch the source to Verizon.

I don't know if this is related, but at the same time an advertisement has begun appearing on that home screen bar, just to the left of the list of sources (it's actually marked "ad". I've gone into the terms and privacy section under settings and turned off my consent to anything advertising related. But the ad continues to show up on the home screen bar. (A moment ago it said "Free movies." Now it changed to "Sports.")

Can anyone suggest a way to get this tv to default back to my cable box (Verizon HDMI 1) on power up and not to TV Plus? And is there a way to stop the ads?

Thanks for any help.




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