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Service menu HDR PLUS support issue

Hello people,


I did something very stupid with my bedroom tv.


I wen't to the service menu and turned on "HDR PLUS support" my tv doesn't even have support for hdr+ so everything whats dark(black) is now green. Tried to turn off this option still got the problem. I've resseted my tv to factory and also my screen. I still got the issue. If I connect my laptop everything is okay. But whenever I turn on my playstation 4 or just launch netflix, youtube the green tint is back. So this looks like it effects hdr supported devices or apps only.


Model: ue40k6300


I hope anyone can help me out?



Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Service menu HDR PLUS support issue

Thank you so much for reaching out! This forum is for support of US products and customers. As your product is a non-US model and support for these models is very limited, please seek a support team for your area. You can do so by using this link:

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