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Setting sub-menu can't be scrolled down - Samsung 7 Series (65")

(Topic created on: 4/13/21 9:14 PM)
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We are facing the following issue with our Samsung 7 TV. 

Model #: UN65RU740DF

When going to the Network Settings, you cannot scroll down on the sub-menu items. 

I've seen some other forums on this issue, and it looks like the issue hasn't been solved by Samsung.

Steps to replicate:

1. Turn on the TV
2. Go to Settings 
3. Scroll down to Support 
4. In Support, try to scroll down to the About This TV sub-menu option 

Issue summary: I cannot scroll down at all. The first sub menu I see is Software Update. That is the only thing that I can select. 

I have also tried to use an App Remote, but the issue persists. Attached is a picture of our remote. 

I believe the issue is with the Samsung software within the TV. 

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Could you post a picture of the part of the menu that you can't access?