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Shipping and customer service - I wish i had read this message board before ordering

6/23/20 - Ordered a new TV, order confirmation indicated shipment would be received by 7/1. I thought this was a little long, but not a deal breaker, so i proceeded with the order.

6/29/20 - I received a call from shipping company (AGS) on 6/29 to inform me that they still have not received the shipment and would, therefore, be delay. The were unable to provide any ETA

6/29/20 - chatted with Samsung rep to request new ETA. Was told, "don't worry," the order will definitely be there by 7/1/20 as promised

7/1/20 - no delivery, chatted with Samsung rep... was told to call shipping company, AGS, again.

7/1/20 -Called shipping company, was told they STILL do not have shipment. Have no idea when they will receive shipment, but once they do, will be, at least, another 3-5 days before i actually receive at my home. Was advised to "call Samsung" for ETA.

7/1/20 - called Samsung rep, was told that there is no ETA available, but she would help me put in a "RUSH request" to cancel the order if I'd like, but not sure if it will be possible to cancel. I said i was surprised that they weren't more interested in retaining a loyal customer (I have purchased at least 30 Samsung products over past 10 years or so). She asked me if it was ok to put me on a "short, brief hold" and i held for 30 minutes before call got disconnected without agent ever picking up again. No attempt to call me back or follow up

7/1/20 - initiated another chat with agent, was told that I should call the shipping company again

7/2/20 - another shipping "expediter" called me to let me know that, since the appointment for yesterday was cancelled, they need to reschedule for a later time. Now we are tentatively scheduled for 7/7/20, a week longer than expected and no guarantee it will actually arrive since shipping company does not even have the shipment in their possession yet.


I am SHOCKED at how terrible Samsung customer service is. I enrolled in the "upgrade" program for the new TV, but there is no way I would ever do business with this company. I'm considering refusing the order when it eventually arrives because i am so disgusted. I made a big mistake ordering from Samsung, if i had known what a hassle this would be, would never have ordered from them. I was trying to cheer up the family with a surprise new TV, but ended up just being an aggravation and waste of my time. I still have no idea when i will receive it... Samsung has made no effort whatsoever to update me or smooth this out in any way.