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Smart TV Blinking on and off when connected to PC

Hi all,


So I've got a 50" Samsung Smart TV (Mode code UN50NU6900) that has been great, but I am having trouble with it whenever I connect an HDMI cable from my PC to the screen. The TV picture blinks to black over and over again. The screen doesn't truly turn off. The Settings screen stays up during this blinking, so the screen clearly doesn't actually power off. It seems like it's resetting the picture, almost like when you resize your destkop on a computer monitor. Sometimes it's stable for a few minutes at a time, but it alwasy eventually starts going on and off again. 


No other devices have this problem on this set in either of the HDMI ports.


The only thing that stabilizes the screen is if I go to the Settings->General->External Device Manager->HDMI UHD Color and turn off the HDMI UHD Color for the HDMI port that the computer is plugged into. This is a huge bummer, of course, because then my PC tells me it can't/won't send an HDR signal to the TV. 


I am reasonably sure my current cable is good. I brought it home from work to test the TV to PC connection and it's been used successfully for this same purpose in a few different settings in my office. This is also the second cable I've tried. This is the cable I currently have hooked up, and it seems to be fully capable of carrying the necessary signal. The PS4 also has no trouble pushing UHD color to the set on the same HDMI port with all other settings being the same. 


I've turned "Game Mode" on and off, and I've tried disabling all Eco settings, and it's the same problem every time. 


I'm running an Nvidia GTX 1070 card out of my PC, and it supports HDR and UHD output. I'm inexperience with these higher quality settings, and I'm reasonably sure I'm creating some kind of a conflict with my settings on my PC for the Nvidia card and the settings on the TV. I don't know where to begin with troubleshooting, though.


So am I just being a bonehead with this? I don't know what to do to make the screen settle the heck down. Any suggestions on what to do? Am I confusing HDR and UHD color when they're two different things? Does anyone else run a 1070 to this set without an issue? Am I just lost with respect to UHD color and/or HDR and/or 4K resolution and how they should be working with my PC? 


Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!